Partnership with Esportal ends

After a period of fruitful collaboration, we have collectively decided to conclude our partnership with Esportal.

During our one-and-a-half year of collaboration, ENCE Academy and Esportal hosted a variety of activities and accomplished fostering an environment where we are able to get in touch and work with the talented youth of Counter-Strike.

Academy Prospects Summer Event at ENCE office 12.08.2023

We want to thank Esportal for helping us start the Academy team and Prospects Program, and for being actively involved with the development of both.

“Together with Esportal, we created a great foundation for ENCE Academy and they have played a significant part in the growth of our program. On behalf of ENCE, I would like to thank Esportal for how we have managed to build a path for so many young players to be part of our program and community.

In the bigger picture, ENCE Academy's journey as a program is still in its early stages. We continue to further refine our youth activities, offering opportunities for young players to showcase their skills and advance in their careers.

I want to say to all the skilled players who are waiting for the next chance to shine; We are here for you and your talent will not go unnoticed by us. More to come!”

- Eemeli “Woomera” Ikonen, ENCE Academy Lead

Our Academy team and Prospects group will continue as normal. New Prospects activities will