Red Bull Flick 2021 starts in April

International Red Bull Flick CS:GO tournament is making a return and brings a world finals event to Finland. Red Bull Flick was incredibly popular last year and for 2021 it will be played in over 35 countries and combining over 60 000 players!

The Red Bull Flick 2021 season will conclude with Red Bull Flick Helsinki Pro invitational on November 20-21st in Helsinki, Finland. Amateur teams will qualify through separate national qualifiers for a chance to meet some of the best players in the world. ENCE is going to be the host team as one of the confirmed teams to participate in the Pro invitational. The other participating professional teams will be revealed throughout the year.

Red Bull Flick was massively popular last year and will see another season in 2021

Red Bull Flick Finnish qualifier begins in April. The spring open qualifier is played on April 17-18th and the qualifier finals will conclude 24-25.4. Second open qualifier will take place October 2-3rd and the qualifier finals conclude October 9-10th. Both qualifier finals will be streamed on ISTV and Twitch!

For full details and how to participate, head over to for the Finnish qualifier information and for international participants!

Farewell, sergej.

Jere "sergej" Salo has been inactive in the roster ever since the start of his mandatory Finnish military service in January. Now, our chapter with sergej officially comes to an end, as a still unannounced organization has bought out the remainder of his contract.

ENCE and Tuomas "SADDYX" Louhimaa terminate contract in mutual agreement

ENCE and Tuomas "SADDYX" Louhimaa have come to a mutual agreement to terminate his contract with us.

Marco "Snappi" Pfeiffer: "I haven't enjoyed playing this much in years"

Marco "Snappi" Pfeiffer, our new CS:GO IGL, managed to spare a moment from the team's busy schedule to chat with us before its debut match!