Match SummaryPUBG

Grand Finals

23.04.2021 16:00
(EEST, Helsinki, Finland)

Our boys played some incredible PUBG throughout the weekend and finish the tournament 2nd.

The boys showed us some amazingly strong and consistent performances, especially in the first two days of the Grand Finals. Despite taking only 1 dinner during the 18 rounds, we were able to consistently grab a high amount of kills and solid placements to keep our points growing rapidly. With this, we were sitting at the top with a nice 19-point lead after the second day of the Grand Finals was over.

Unfortunately, the third and final day of the competition didn't go quite as planned. Despite a couple of decent placements, we weren't able to frag out as consistently as in the previous day and our point gain diminished drastically. Meanwhile, some other teams, such as Heroic and Team Liquid, were shooting up in the standings and after some rounds, Heroic managed to take our #1 spot.

However, the boys fought till the very end and almost clutched it out in the very last match. In that game, Heroic ended up going out early which meant that we could gain back the top spot if we managed to catch 8 points. The boys fought valiantly and even managed to come on top in a crucial fight against Team Liquid, solidifying our 2nd place finish. Unfortunately, that fight left only D1gg3r1 alive and he soon ended into another brawl, this time against the remaining two members of FaZe. He nearly managed to win that battle as well but ended up falling after taking one of the opposing players down. With this, we finished 2nd with only 3 points away from the #1 spot.

Regardless of the rough final day, this weekend was such an impressive showing from our boys. With a 2nd place finish, the boys netted $7,500 and more importantly, 120 PGC points to start their way towards the main event of the year, the PUBG Global Championship.

Here are the final results of the ESL PUBG Masters Europe Spring Grand Finals.

Grans Finals

Team Total points Total kills
1. Heroic 135 90
2. ENCE 133 85
3. TL 128 79
4. FaZe 124 86
5. VP 123 73
6. NAVI 119 83
7. Apeks 119 80
8. SKADE 109 61
9. WLA 100 72
10. KGE 93 64
11. WT 91 52
12. BSTN 91 49
13. EIQ 75 67
14. BLZ 75 45
15. 0RG 73 37
16. NOM 56 45