Match SummaryPUBG

Stage 2

16.04.2021 16:00
(EEST, Helsinki, Finland)

No Stage 2 dinner means we'll need to head into the Last Chance and battle for the remaining Grand Finals spots.

Even though the boys managed to get kills in all of the games, they struggled to get into the final circles and therefore were left without the WWCD and quick Grand Finals ticket.

However, another opportunity to qualify awaits in the Last Chance. We can feel optimistic as the game will switch to a SUPER format in which our playstyle will get to shine better.

Here are the teams that claimed a WWCD in Stage 2 and claimed their Grand Finals spot.

Grand Finals

2. EIQ
3. FaZe
4. KGE
5. 0RG
6. NOM
7. BLZ
8. VP