Match SummaryPUBG

Weekly Series #3

23.02.2021 10:00
(EEST, Helsinki, Finland)

Our boys showed solid performances in both the Weekly Survival and the Weekly Finals, but unfortunately, they narrowly missed the cash prizes by just a few points.

Weekly Survival #3 Day 1

Solid performances but no Chicken for the day.

Our boys fought valiantly and managed to get into the very final circle in two of the games. Unfortunately, neither the positions nor the numbers favored us in either of them and as we know, this format spares no mercy to anyone but the winners.

Weekly Survival #3 Day 2

After a troublesome first half of the day, our boys step it up big time and claim their ticket to the Weekly Finals #3.

Our day wasn't by any means smooth sailing. Many of the earlier games were riddled with unlucky circles, difficult rotations, and rough firefights that ended most of our games short.

Fortunately, in the fifth game of the day, all of our previous struggles were redeemed. We were finally blessed by the circle gods and with that, secured an excellent endgame position for ourselves. However, it was not all just luck. The key play of the match was our aggressive smoke push that put us in an optimal spot to finish off the remaining teams and claim ourselves the Chicken Dinner.

To crown it all, Skuijke gave us an amazingly Finnish winners’ interview.

Here are the teams that have qualified for the Weekly Finals #3.

Weekly Finals #3
Team Cash earned
1. GEN $10 000
2. TL $6 000
3. DAY $5 000
4. OATH $4 000
5. VP $3 000
6. ZEN $2 000
7. T1 $1 000
8. FaZe $1 000
9. AF -
10. ENCE -
11. NAVI -
12. STK -
13. Tianba -
14. TSG -
15. Divine -
16. MCG -

Weekly Finals #3 Day 1

A slow start for the weekend throws us onto the lower side of the standings.

Even though the boys kept consistently picking up kills, they often didn't survive long enough to get good placements. We were almost cursed exiting the maps as 11th, just missing out on the points given to the top 8. We ended the day as 10th, still a long way off from the prize money standings.

Weekly Finals #3 Day 2

The boys put up a fierce fight but barely miss the Top 4 and money prizes.

We fought hard and made quite a comeback by almost tripling our point total from the previous day. Our solid performances got us to most of the final circles with a couple of highlight-worthy moments. On Miramar we even caught ourselves a Chicken Dinner, taking down Virtus Pro in the final showdown. Unfortunately, in the end, this was just barely not enough as the difference between our and Top 4 standing was only 4 points.

Here's how the final standings for the weekend shaped up to be.

Weekly Finals #3
Team Total points Total kills Cash earned
1.  FaZe 96 49 $100 000
2. VP 87 56 $50 000
3. GEN 78 47 $25 000
4. STK 73 59 $25 000
5. MCG 72 56
6. OATH 71 42
7. ENCE 69 44
8. TL 62 34
9. AF 57 34
10. DAY 45 30
11. Tianba 43 32
12. T1 42 26
13. ZEN 38 26
14. TSG 37 26
15. NAVI 22 17
16. Divine 21 15