Miska Malkamäki
Age: 21
Location: Rovaniemi, FI

Mise started playing PUBG almost as soon as the game was released, and joined his first competitive team, FC Espoo, in 2018. Mise shares a lot of competitive history with NOOKIE as the two played together in many different rosters and competed side by side in tournaments such as PCS3, PCS4, and PGC 2019. 

Now, after completing his mandatory military service in the first half of 2022, Mise heads back into the battlegrounds. Mise is a player with strong fragging power, positive vibes, and a great sense of humor, making sure the team atmosphere always stays bright.

Logitech gear:

  • G PRO X Superlight Wireless Gaming Mouse

I've known him for a really long time now and never can praise him too much about the fragging power which he can bring to the team! He has always been one of the best fraggers in the game. And also one of the funniest guys in his own way so he really can bring positive vibes.

Joona "NOOKIE" Närvänen, Teammate

Career Highlights

Personal career highlight: 5th place in Pel Phase 3 and joining ENCE

“The best moment in PUBG has most definitely been 5th place in PEL Phase 3 and qualifying to PGC 2019. Also, joining ENCE is, of course, a huge thing as it's the biggest org in Finland, and it's a real honor to represent them.”