Sami Vaarala
Age: 22
Location: Rovaniemi, FI

SkaV began his journey with video games at the young age of 8, as he discovered Call of Duty on PS3. He continued with shooters later on when he transitioned from console to PC in 2014, spending a lot of time with CS:GO. Naturally, PUBG caught his attention as he tried it out when visiting a friend, enjoying it so much that he had to go and get the game for himself right away.

Playing solo leagues on FACEIT during 2018, SkaV found success and his desire to enter the competitive PUBG scene.  A year later, he won the Finnish Championship 2019, which has stayed as one of the most memorable moments in his career so far. Having only played in mixed teams before, the 22-year-old SkaV now joins his first-ever organization in ENCE, looking to show off his skills in the game's biggest tournaments.

SkaV’s playstyle can be described as aggressive, as he enjoys doing his own thing within the game, gathering information, and creating space for his teammates.

I've been really impressed in a short time period with how good a player Sami is. He is one of those players which every team wants. Hard-working, positive and every day wanna be a better player.

Joona "NOOKIE" Närvänen, Teammate

Career Highlights

Personal career highlight: Joining ENCE, one of PUBG's biggest organizations

“Ever since I began to play competitively, my goal has been to join one of PUBG’s biggest organizations and do well there. It’s even more special that it’s ENCE, because they are a Finnish organization.”